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Lucas Wilhan

Gi / NoGi specialist

Lucas is a Gi and No-Gi experienced Black Belt Instructor and Competitor originally from Montreal, Canada.

In his competition career he was multiple times IBJJF & UAEJJF Gold medalist, Gi & NoGi Pan American medalist and most recently 2 times ADCC Open Gold medalist at the highest level. He has faced many of the current great names in the sport! His accomplishments:


-3rd place IBJJF NOGI Worlds Master 1 Black Belt 2023

-1st place ADCC Vancouver Open Adult Advanced 2023

-1st place IBJJF Portland Open Adult Black Belt Gi 2023
-1st place ADCC Orange County Open Adult Advanced 2023 

-1st place CBJJF BC Provincial Open Gi Black Belt 2022

-2nd place IBJJF Austin Open Nogi- Black Belt 2022

-2nd place BCJJF Nogi Pro summer series 2021

-1st place IBJJF Las Vegas Open No Gi-Black Belt 2019

-1st place UAEJJF Canada national pro- Brown Belt 2018

-1st place IBJJF Boston Open- Brown Belt 2018

-1st place IBJJF German Nationals- Brown Belt 2018

-3rd place IBJJF No-Gi Pans- Brown Belt 2017

-3rd place IBJJF Pans- Purple belt 2016

-1st place IBJJF New York Open No-Gi Purple Belt 2016

-1st place IBJJF Montreal Open- Purple belt 2016

Lucas started in combat sport as a wrestler in high-school, and as an MMA fan, he decided to try NoGi grappling at first. Soon after, while he was completing his Bachelor's degree in Sociology at Concordia University, he discovered Gi Jiu-Jitsu. Ever since then he has moved up the ranks competing both in the Gi and NoGi.

He has a very technical approach to the sport and has been studying the art and watching the professional athletes since his early days in Jiu-jitsu. His unique high level knowledge of the most relevant systems in modern Jiu-jitsu alongside his own developments of lapel techniques and leg entanglements are base to our curriculum.


When it comes to instructing, Lucas started at blue belt and for over 12 years now he has been accumulating experience in teaching all levels of jiu-jitsu for adults, kids and competitors. During the pandemic, he specialized even more in private instruction and personalized training, adding to his group classes skills.

NoGi competitions highlights

Nogi World 2023

Master 1 Black Belt division

ADCC Vancouver 2023

ADCC Open Vancouver 2023
Adult Advanced division

ADCC Costa Mesa 2023

ADCC Open Costa Mesa 2023
Adult Advanced division

Gi competitions highlights

IBJJF Portland Open 2022

IBJJF Portland Open 2023
Adult Black Belt division

CBJJF Vancouver


IBJJF German Open

IBJJF German National 2018 
Adult Brown Belt division

Watch him in action

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