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  • What do I bring to my first trial?
    When you come for your first class please try to arrive 10min early to sign the waiver and get changed. If you have your own Gi, please bring it. If not, we will provide you with a loaner Gi. The Gi is the uniform (Kimono) and it consists of pants, jacket and belt. Please wear undergarments and rashguard (or a shirt) underneath. If you're trying a NoGi class, just wear athletic clothes with no zippers and preferably no pockets. Also please bring a water bottle! We have a water dispenser for you to fill it up.
  • What is the difference between Gi and NoGi?
    Basically it's the uniform. In NoGi classes we don't wear the kimono, we wear only a rashguard and shorts. It makes the grips and techniques different than in the Gi. The goals are still the same and both relate to self-defense. NoGi can be a faster pace and therefore more athletic. If you are just starting it is really up to your preference, we have beginner classes in both Gi and NoGi! It is common to start in the Gi and try NoGi after a few Gi classes.
  • Is there parking available?
    We are located on Broadway and Alder st. You can find street 2h parking around Alder and 8th or 10th. Paid street parking are also available around the blocks on 8th or 10th. The Toys R Us parkade is just across the street from us, access it from Alder, turn left on the back ally. There is also the parkade from our building available during the week.
  • I am visiting Vancouver, can I train at Lapel Arts?
    Please do! Visitors are welcome from all around the world. Since you're not a resident from Vancouver, you are not eligible for a free trial. The drop-in rate is $40cad for the day and we can lend you a uniform at no extra cost if you haven't packed one. We also have a 1 week unlimited drop in option for $100cad.
  • What is the basic etiquette at Lapel Arts?
    We are pretty relaxed when it comes to Martial Arts etiquettes, but here are some things your should know. Please leave your shoes by the entrance. We keep our floors always clean, we encourage that you bring your clean flip flops and we provide some as well. Absolutely no shoes on the mats are allowed. Yes you can train with your other brand Gi! We don't have a uniform policy and you can train with whatever gear you have as long as it is clean and proper. We ask that everyone wears a rashguard under the Gi. Please keep your nails short, remove piercings, earings or chains while in class. Jiu Jitsu is about mutual respect, so please leave your ego by the door and respect your training partners and instructors at all times!
  • How young can my child start classes?
    Our Kids/Juniors & Teens Program is from 5-15 years old. Kids classes are 5- 7, Juniors are 8-11 and Teens 12-15 years old. If your child is 4 1/2 they can come for a trial and see if they'll adapt.
  • Would my teenage kid be in the kids or adults program?
    For 12-15 years old they will be in the Teens Program. 16 and up are advised to join the adult beginners classes.
  • How long are the classes and should I stay to watch?
    The classes are 45min for Kids/Juniors and 50min for Teens. Parents are welcome to stay and watch! But if you want to use the time to run some errands, we don't ask that you stay, you can come back at the end of class.
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